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Laser cutting technology it will pollute the surrounding environment

2020/7/8 9:21:40      View: 642
英文内容Laser cutting technology it will pollute the surrounding environment

With the rapid rise of the sheet metal processing industry, metal cutting market has become extremely popular, which virtually led to the development of fiber laser cutting machine industry. Conventional sheet metal processing are: Cut - punching - bending - welding process or the like flame plasma cutting - bending - welding process. In the face of many varieties, small batch, customized, high-quality, short delivery orders, it has obvious shortcomings: shears are mainly due to its straight cut, can only be used on just straight cuts sheet metal processing; (NC / pagoda) punch to a thickness of more than 1.5mm steel plate cutting is limited, and poor surface quality, high cost, noise, is not conducive to environmental protection; flame cutting as an initial conventional cutting methods, while cutting heat deformation , cut slit width, waste materials, processing speed is slow, only suitable for roughing; high-pressure water cutting is slow, causing serious pollution, high consumption costs.
  In the fierce competition in the market environment, the need for a new processing method instead, laser processing technology have come into being in a sheet metal workshop. Committed to the development of advanced laser equipment, CNC laser cutting machine with high precision, high speed, flexible manufacturing, etc., it becomes the direction of sheet metal processing technology development, much to replace the trend of CNC punching equipment.
  Laser cutting technology advantages:
  High degree of flexibility of laser cutting, cutting speed, high production efficiency, short production cycle, whether simple or complex parts, can be used to achieve a rapid prototyping laser cutting;
  Narrow kerf cutting quality, high degree of automation, easy operation, low labor intensity, no pollution;
  Can achieve cut automatic nesting, nesting, improved material utilization, no tool wear, good material adaptability;
  Low production cost, good economic returns.
  Efficient, accurate, intelligent direction of development of the advertising industry, fiber laser cutting machine features exactly in line with this trend, with its excellent cost-effective for companies to improve their profitability ads provide a strong guarantee. Di can be used as Chinese laser industry leader for laser products in the advertising industry in the application, it has its own unique advantages and rich experience for the advertising industry to break the homogenization predicament offers a new possibility.

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